Geri O’Dell

Office Manager

Geri O’Dell is our Office Manager. Basically, she runs the place. If you just showed up at our office, she would be the first face you saw, and we can bet she will have a smile. As the backbone to our studio, Geri makes certain that the lights stay on and the bills get paid. She is a Certified Stenographic Reporter and Notary Public with a real eye to detail and follow-up.

As a veteran of the US Armed Services, Geri learned all about organization and discipline, which she applies to our accounting and marketing systems. And who would have guessed that she repaired the large diesel main engines of the USS Hunley in the Navy as well as being a naval police officer? Knowing her background helped us to understand why our office hours are 0900 until 1800 and why the place always looks so good.

Believe it or not, we often draft Geri into the project production. She is a quick learner and proves her worth as a team player by supporting the team with her organization skills and knowledge of the building industry. Prior to joining our group, Geri was responsible for the sales and property management of a 200-unit luxury residential development in Virginia Beach, Va.

Along with her general responsibilities of the day-to-day accounting, Geri is responsible for initiating and preparing our contracts with clients and subconsultants and assisting with getting everything signed and filed. She also pitches in helping to edit specifications and in the production of project manuals and marketing materials.

Geri is a true southerner who fully understands the definition of hospitality. We encourage you to come by someday for lunch at our office and see for yourself. Clients love Geri because they know that when they call and one of the architects is not available, she can either find them or get the answer that is needed. And you can be sure we will hear about not being at our desks when you call!

Geri doesn’t always see the trees.


Certificate, College of Marin County
Advanced Degree, Life Experience