ALPHA Corporation Headquarters

Dulles, Virginia

Quick Facts:   River Point

Client: ALPHA Corporaton

Market:  Workplace

Size: 16,000 gsf

Services: Interiors

Photographer:  Jessica Marcotte

Project Team:    Winstanley Architects & Planners – Architect
Horton Lees Brodgen – Lighting

ALPHA Corporation, a national engineering and construction management firm specializing in both large scale public works and private sector development recently chose to expand its corporate headquarters office to accommodate recent growth in the Northern Virginia office.  The relocation and design of a new office space provided ALPHA with an opportunity to leave behind a dated office comprised of closed offices and tall cubicles, and to replace it with a space that invests in its staff, employee retention, and an emerging culture of collaboration, workplace satisfaction, and wellbeing.

One of the first design gestures, was to generate a plan that allowed for multiple opportunities for casual encounters and meetings with staff across the entire $16,000 office suite, through lounges, a recreation area, a large pantry space with a communal table, and two coffee bars.

The palette of material and product selections sought to celebrate the firm’s work from the constellation like perforated lobby ceiling that recalls the Alpha star, to the open ceilings, exposed engineering systems of the building, the celebration of a scarred concrete slab and columns, and an industrial aesthetic structural elements and glazed partitions throughout.