Catholic University of America – Master Plan

Washington, DC

Quick Facts: 

Client: Catholic University of America

Market: Academic

Size: 150 acres

Services: Planning

Rendering: Dariush

Michael Winstanley Architects & Planners was instrumental in the development of the master plan and business plan for The Catholic University of America.

Stimulated by the opportunity to purchase 49 acres adjacent to their campus, the University understood that this opportunity brought enormous potential (both academically and financially) for the institution.

Along with specialty consultants, the design team analyzed both the academic plan and the residential life program at the campus and included detailed programmatic and financial programs to utilize the additional acreage for both academic and financial benefits.

Part of the residential life analysis was to understand the residential life pro-forma and make recommendations to grow and improve the housing blend on and off campus.

The design team also analyzed the University’s land assets and evaluated the highest and best use for each parcel. From this analysis the team made the recommendation to commercially develop part of their campus and provide off-campus graduate student housing and retail services to support the campus community.