Eilan Residences

San Antonio, Texas

Quick Facts: 

Client: Wereldhave USA

Market: Residential, Commercial

Size: 120,000 gsf – 125 rooms

Services: Architecture,  Sustainability

Photographer: Jessica Marcotte

The Residences at Eilan is a 540-unit multifamily residential complex at the core of the Eilan Town Center mixed use development. The seven-building complex is quite unique in that the design is meant to evoke the character and feeling of an Italian hill town in Tuscany.

The buildings are organized along a pedestrian street, much like a mews, with building entrances facing the street. The general massing of the buildings wraps around the hillside, and much like its Italian precedent, provides for special character and surprise views when you walk down the street. At the center of the development the residential structures bend inward to create the town plaza and provide for retail opportunities at the ground floor. Also in the center of the development is the Eilan Hotel that faces the town plaza.

Each of the residential structures sits atop of a 700-car parking structure and provides for direct access from the parking structure to the elevators. The parking structure is accessed via the project’s loop road through a series of openings between the buildings. The parking structure also serves the hotel. Service to the residences is provided from the loop road at the ends of each of the buildings.

The exterior of the buildings vary in scale, color and articulation to provide variety and interest. Each building has carefully framed openings, some with shutters and some without. The final design includes planting beds along the street and has a trolley in the middle of the street.