Energie de France (EDF)

Washington, DC

Quick Facts: 

Client: Energie de France (EDF)

Market: Commercial

Size: 15,000 gsf

Services: Interiors

Photographer: Jessica Marcotte

After acquiring a portion of Maryland-based Constellation Energy’s nuclear generation and operations business, EDF, Inc. – Europe’s leading nuclear energy producer and power station builder – chose Montgomery County, Maryland, for its North American Headquarters.

The 24,000 sf project was designed with the flair of the Paris-based firm’s high profile in the energy market. Visitors are greeted by a concierge station in the corporate colors set off by crisp store flooring in a reception area complemented by white leather guest benches. Unique to the organization, all staff, irrespective of position or entitlement, are located in private offices. These offices are all glass-faced to enliven the corridors and communicate presence. The corridor is distinguished from all other spaces by a highly organized and simplified ceiling plane. The ceilings and the floors of the corridor complement each other with randomly placed light fixtures and accent strips.

In addition to its North American Headquarters facility, EDF located a fully appointed 16-station energy trading floor. There the space is developed with the same color and material scheme, but much denser and open-planned as compared to the office zones. The facility is supported by a full-service café, divisible conference room and an 8-person Tele-presence room.

This project was completed under the firm name Mancini Duffy/Winstanley.