George Mason University (South Sector) – Master Plan

Fairfax, Virginia

Quick Facts: 

Client: George Mason University

Market: Academic

Size: 40 acres

Services: Planning

Based on an overall campus plan previously produced to provide financial forecasting for capital outlay and establishing basic campus design principles, Michael Winstanley AIA AICP developed a detailed master plan of the southern sector of the campus.

Critical to the success of the master plan was an understanding of the residential life development, infrastructure and the traffic/parking as it impacted the academic component of the plan. Michael’s work integrated the academic component within the ring road to facilitate active campus life by clearly defining pedestrian pathways and by eliminating potential conflicts between vehicular and service traffic from pedestrians. Additionally, we understood the need to provide vehicular access points for pick-up, drop-off and parking without dramatically impacting campus life.

The final aspect of the master plan was the development of a phasing/staging plan. With numerous projects being planned in the same district, a phasing plan and staging plan were developed to maintain pedestrian safety and to manage open space effectively.

Michael Winstanley AIA AICP was the Design Principal for the project during his tenure as Design Director at Leo A Daly. Hargreaves Associates was the Landscape Architect for the project.