Henle Village

Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Quick Facts: 

Client: Georgetown University, American Campus Communities

Market: Academic, Residential

Services:  Interior Architecture

Design Team:  Winstanley Architects & Planners – Interior Architect,
Robert AM Stern – Exterior Architect

In September of 2023, Georgetown University broke ground on its latest student life project, Henle Village, based on a re-development design by Winstanley as Interior Architect with Robert AM Stern as Architect for Exteriors.

The new dormitory will more than double beds to 780 in apartment-style units, and provide extensive space for study, recreation, and wellness. Henle Village is part of the Campus Plan’s “student life corridor” concept, a cluster of academic, housing, and pedestrian infrastructure construction projects spanning the heart of the Campus. The University is counting on the project’s unique architecture to beautify the north side of campus, reduce demand for off-campus housing, and enhance student life.

The University aims to complete the complex in Summer 2025, with American Campus Communities serving as third-party developer.  The design tracks LEED Platinum, reflecting the University’s commitment to sustainability objectives including energy efficiency, cost savings, and carbon emission reduction.

The  project’s design and construction reflects a preceding multi-faceted community initiative which engaged  students, campus stakeholders, and community leaders, to provide input on the project’s unit layouts, shared elements, and sustainability features.