Radford University – Master Plan

Radford, Virginia

Quick Facts: 

Client: Radford University

Property: Campus

Market: Academic

Services: Planning

Radford University is part of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s University system and is located in southern Virginia. Once an all-girl’s school, the current population is approximately 10,000 students with approximately 40% men currently enrolled. The existing campus is well developed and extremely well maintained. At present only approximately 30% of students reside on campus with the remaining students finding housing in the Town of Radford.

The primary purpose of the master plan was to evaluate the possibility of increasing the number of students living on campus and to strengthen the student life environment, as well as alternative uses for Muse Hall, a 14-story building that currently houses 900 freshman students. Additionally, we were to analyze the current real estate assets held by the University to determine highest and best use of any vacant land.

As part of our recommendations, we proposed to redefine the western edge of the campus and redevelop the vacant land to house new residence halls for upper classmen with retail on the ground floor. The residences and retail could be developed with a private developer leasing the land from the University. We also recommended the re-use of Muse Hall into a hotel/conference center, privately developed, but focused on program uses dedicated to the University. Other improvements included adding a new student recreation facility.