St. Agnes School & Church

Arlington, Virginia

Quick Facts: 

Client: St. Agnes School & Church

The St. Agnes Parish is an urban campus in the heart of Arlington, Virginia. The 7-acre Parish has 6 buildings and consists of the Church, Elementary School, Rectory, Parish House and Maintenance Building.

Like many urban Parishes, the campus was challenged with too few parking spaces and almost no usable open space. Over the years, new programs had been added and the organization of uses on the campus was misaligned. Most needed were meeting rooms for the different Parish groups to meet.

Our task was to evaluate the existing conditions of the buildings and the site and to make recommendations based on the needs that were shared with us during our interview sessions with the Parish and the Diocese of Arlington.

The final master plan called for numerous projects to be implemented over a 10-year period. Including an addition to the church, a new gymnasium, renovations to the school, and the relocation of the Adoration Chapel. Additional recommendations included improvements to the parking lot.

The master plan identified a series of projects to be implemented over a 10 year time frame. As part of the master plan, we prepared a set of concept plans for each project.

From these plans we were able to prepare conceptual cost estimates that would assist the Parish in determining which projects they should pursue first. The two largest projects included an addition/renovation to the church and elementary school.

The church was originally built in the 1969 and provided 880 seats. The church’s entrance was somewhat hidden and the circulation in and out of the building was difficult. Our solution located a new addition at the front of the church to frame a new entrance to the front door.

The second largest project was the renovation to the elementary school by converting the former convent building into a new library and to renovate the former library to expand classrooms and other support programs.

The project is currently in the working drawing phase with construction expected to begin in the winter of 2020.