The Endeavor Group

Washington, DC

Quick Facts: 

Client: The Endeavor Group

Market: Commercial

Size: 15,000 gsf

Services: Interiors

Photographer: Jessica Marcotte

Since 2001, the Endeavor Group has been assisting the world’s visionaries to extend their influence around the globe. Their clients include corporate CEOs, ultra-high net worth individuals and influential global leaders. Their consulting work finds solutions that bridge the business, government and social realms.

The design of their office space required accommodating approximately 10 offices and associated conference areas throughout the office.

Additionally, the firm needed a space to work with the illustrious clientele they attracted. A traditional conference room was not the most appropriate space for most of these clients. To accommodate their needs, the design team developed the client reception/work area that included both a soft seating area laid out in a circle to facilitate community as well as a round conference table and white board. Both work areas were located in a large open space that felt more like a residential environment than a work place environment.