Vassar College – Blodgett Hall Renovation

Poughkeepsie, New York

Quick Facts: 

Client: Vassar College

Market: Academic

Size: 35,000 gsf

Services: Architecture, Interiors

Photographer: Chuck Choi

Project Team: Michael Winstanley – Design Principal while at, Cannon Design – Architect of Record


Merit Award, National Builders Council

The primary purpose of the project was to renovate the research and teaching facilities for the Psychology, Environmental Sciences, and Math departments. From the perspective of the number of floors and buildings involved in accomplishing the project, the multi-phased development was very complex.

The program for the renovations included general use laboratories, classrooms, and offices. In addition, a new animal laboratory was designed as part of the Psychology Department. Through the process of renovation, new design standards were established to permit the College to continue similar building renovations with consistency. Finishes and color programs were designed and received global approval, allowing each department to select a unique, but coordinated palette, which would define the work to be performed by College’s maintenance staff.

Michael Winstanley AIA AICP was the Design Principal for this project while he was a Vice President and Design Leader at Cannon Design.