Windrose Place Condominiums

Lenox, Massachusetts

Quick Facts: 

Client: Windrose Development LLC

Services: Residential, Architecture, Planning

Site Description

The project site is the location of the Colonel Elijah Northrup House (circa 1790), recently the offices Winstanley Partners, at 114 Main Street in Lenox. The site includes an existing 9,400 square foot building with associated parking, lawn areas and a garage in the rear. The site is adjacent to St. Anne’s Parish, Roche Funeral Home and various restaurants along Franklin Street. The site is approximately 3.26 acres and has frontage on Main Street and in two (2) locations on Franklin Street. The owner of the parcel is Nathan B. Winstanley and M. Kathryn Winstanley.

Project Description

The proposed project involves renovating the existing historic building (Northrup House) and construction of three (3) new buildings. The new buildings include two multi-family buildings and a mixed-used commercial building. New residential units, including the renovated Northrup house total twenty-seven (27) units.

The existing building will be renovated to include seven (7) residential units. The newly constructed Building 2 will have ten (10) residential units. The Northrup House and newly constructed Building 2 will be connected with a covered walkway. The newly constructed Building 3 will have eight (8) residential units. An internal private courtyard will be formed by the siting of each of the new buildings that will allow for resident parking and gathering and social interaction.

On the corner of Franklin and Main is a proposed 2,800 square-foot mixed-use building. The first floor will be commercial space and the second floor will consist of two (2) residential units.

Design Philosophy

The proposed development focuses on the preservation of a significant historic building, and the development of new high-end residences in the Village center. Set in the heart of Lenox , the design scheme reflects the surrounding Greek revival architectural detailing and scale, and the project’s site design and massing have been established to create and preserve meaningful open spaces. As importantly, the project brings new residents into the Village center adjacent to the Town’s growing commercial district.

The new residential buildings, are organized around a central courtyard/parking area as a focal point for the project providing convenient parking in an open common shared space for the residents. Additional residential parking is placed behind the structures, bordering a wetlands garden on the south side. Lining the courtyard will be landscape treatments of foundation plantings and street trees. Lighting in this area will be accomplished through indirect light spilling off of the wall sconces at each entranceway.

The entire project will be landscaped with local vegetation to highlight the gardens, sidewalks, parking areas and architecture. The wetlands will be planted with wetland variety of grasses to further enhance this site feature.

The project also includes the preservation of lawn and open space areas, garden areas, sidewalks, landscaping, screening, paved driveways, with parking areas, grading, utilities and stormwater infrastructure. The project has been carefully designed to avoid and then minimize intrusion near and on environmentally sensitive areas.

The project encourages pedestrian flow onto Main Street and the surrounding areas. A sidewalk is proposed along some building fronts, inside the green area and to connect into existing sidewalks on both Main Street and Franklin Street.