Ponce Paradise Master Plan Received a Merit Award from AIA Potomac Valley

On October 19, 2023 Ponce Paradise Master Plan received a Merit Award from the AIA Potomac Valley Chapter. Ponce Paradise is a concept in self-sufficient sustainable and resilient mixed-use development. The main goal for this project is the integration of social, economic and environmental best practices into a single livable, vibrant, accessible, equitable and resilient mixed-use development. The project is organized in four parts: (1) Town Center / University Medical Center, (2) Wellness Community, (3) Hotel Lagoon and Recreation, and (4) Farm to Table Agriculture and Micro-Grid. The balance of the property is dedicated to newly established farming plots and a natural reserve protecting the existing wetlands.

The expansive terrain extends from the Caribbean Sea to the city center. The 821-acre site is flat and has great views of the Ocean and the neighboring natural reserve island of ‘Caja de Muertos’. It is located on a major highway and is immediately visible upon entering or leaving the city of Ponce, sitting between the port and the airport. A key design parameter has been to direct the water to enter the property, thereby rebuilding wetlands, beaches, and creating a world class canal. The wetlands on the Eastern section of the site will remain in its natural state and be placed into a protected conservation area according to the Puerto Rico Conservation Easement Law. 180 acres have been set aside for a farm, orchard, and pasture will be dedicated for the harvesting of organic food and play an important element in Ponce Paradise’s wellness concept.