Sycamore and Oak Receives A Forest Stewardship Council Award

Forest Stewardship Council Award

Winstanley Architects is proud to announce that Sycamore & Oak has received a Forest Stewardship Council Award.

Parcel 15 – Interim Retail is a new temporary community hub on St. Elizabeth’s campus. It includes 10,000 sq ft retail, dining, and event space located next to the Entertainment & Sports Arena adjacent to Congress Heights Metro Station. A large outdoor canopy spans over two retail pavilions, outdoor dining space, and an outdoor stage. Outdoor dining and children’s play spaces are also provided outside of the canopy.

The project incorporates several sustainable design elements, including electric vehicle charging, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting. Additionally, the entire structure is made from sustainably sourced heavy timber, designed by StructureCraft. After 3-5 years, the owners plan to disassemble the entire structure and relocate it. Thus, the design focuses on modularity, with the idea that any part can be disassembled and rebuilt in another location or configuration. The design team specified systems and developed details to allow for all parts of the canopy and pavilions to be relocated.