Wynwood Hotel Receives a Global Architecture and Design Award

Global Architecture & Design Award- Second Award in RFT

Winstanley Architects is pleased to announce that the Wynwood Hotel received an Award of Excellence from ABC Metro Washington and Global Architecture and Design Ward from the RFT (Rethinking the Future) Design Awards program for 2023. The project was selected for the Second Award in the Hospitality category.

The Wynwood Hotel is located in the heart of Miami’s iconic Arts District and is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Miami. Located along 2nd Avenue at 28th Street, the proposed 8-story hotel includes approximately 180 rooms and 4 townhouses, retail spaces on the ground floor, a mid-building amenities floor and a rooftop terrace.

The Wynwood hotel’s ground floor is eclectic and inviting. Upon arrival guests will immediately experience the spacious paseo that goes through the building. A café bar located in the lobby area also adds to the arrival experience as guests can grab light snacks and refreshing drinks conveniently. Parking is provided on one floor below grade.

On the fourth floor, the hotel’s entertainment floor will house a lot of amenities, such as two pools and a main restaurant and outdoor bar with covered patio overlooking the Arts District. A dedicated elevator with access directly to the street allows guests to arrive directly to the venues without going through the hotel lobby. In addition, the rooftop terrace provides more entertainment to the 177,000 gsf property. Hotel guests can enjoy a private pool, health club facility and relaxing semi-outdoor seating.

The exterior has been developed based on the concept of geometric concrete ‘breeze blocks’ which are very common in southern Florida. Local to the region for climate purposes, breeze blocks provide both privacy and still allow air to flow through them. In this proposal, the exaggerated geometry of the breeze blocks provides for sense of privacy with a predominantly all glass building and connects the project to its neighborhood.  Wynwood is a warehouse district with predominantly concrete structures which became perfect exterior canvases for artists of all types.  The warehouses are solid and muscular, primitive, angular forms with openings punched into the solid walls.  Our façade alludes to the history of the site by mapping the breeze block patterns onto the exterior of the structure, the triangular voids appear to be punched openings and the concrete finish matches the existing fabric.