Ponce Paradise

Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Client: Douglass Elliman | AG&T

Market: Urban Planning

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Ponce Paradise represents a new paradigm in mixed-use development proposals by capitalizing on the natural beauty and restful nature of the Ponce environment. This new “Wellness Community” incorporates the best programs from traditional mixed-use developments (such as residential, retail, office, hospitality, and recreation), while also including attributes unlike other developments that sets It apart from a traditional mixed-use development.

Founded on the principals of health and wellness, this unique community includes programs for a university medical campus, senior and transitional assisted living housing, and other outpatient surgical centers for cosmetic and elective surgeries. A large portion of the total site is planned to be dedicated to wetlands and agricultural uses, such as organic farming, supplying food and other resources to the community.

Ponce Paradise expansive terrain extends from the Caribbean Sea to the city center. The 821-acre site is flat and has great views of the Ocean and the neighboring natural reserve island of ‘Caja de Muertos’. Ponce Paradise is located on a major highway and has excellent visibility and vehicular access. The project is immediately visible upon entering or leaving the city of Ponce. Ponce Paradise sits between the port and the airport. This unprecedented access by road, boat, or airlift positions Ponce Paradise as one of the greatest Caribbean locations. This triple access has been a major consideration in the design of the development vision.

A key design parameter has been to allow the water to enter the property thereby rebuilding wetlands, beaches, and creating a world class canal. The wetlands on the Eastern section of the site will be left untouched. This area will remain in its natural state and be placed into a protected conservation according to the Puerto Rico Conservation Easement Law. Adjacent to the conservation area, 180 acres have been set aside for a farm, orchard, and pasture. This tract of land will be dedicated for the harvesting of organic food and play an important element in Ponce Paradise’s wellness concept.

The proposed development is comprised of essentially four elements supporting each other and all connected through a new canal carved into the site and connecting the ocean with the inland canals. The four elements of the plan include a resort lagoon surrounded by two hotels; a traditional neighborhood with a variety of vacation and single family residences; a town center and marina that includes a medical university campus; with the balance of the property dedicated to newly established farming plots, a natural reserve protecting the existing wetlands, and the micro-grid facilities.

Ponce Paradise’s terrain is flat, and the property abuts both the ocean, river, and large natural preserve. The protection of this pristine aquatic natural environment is of particular importance in the development design. The recently restored Bucana River waterway connects the Northern sector of Ponce Paradise to the Caribbean Sea. Within easy reach by boat, the Ponce will play a major role in connecting Ponce Paradise to both cruise and commercial travelers alike.