River Point

Washington, DC

Quick Facts: 

Client: Akridge Western Development, Orr Partners

Market: Residential, Commercial

Size: 580,000 gsf

Services: Architecture

Project Team: Winstanley Architects & Planners – Architect of Record, Gensler – Associate Architect

The proposed site for River Point is located in one of the most important future locations in Washington, DC. The site represents one of the southern most private parcels in the District. River Point is a chance to create a special waterfront development along the Anacostia River. Using the work provided to us, our team modified the waterfront plan to create a dynamic, functional, and exciting river front. With the restaurants facing the waterfront, it is important to allow the road to connect the turnaround points at First and Second Streets. This will activate the waterfront and also provide the needed access to the intermodal ferry station. Two piers will provide food and beverage and entertainment venues.

The massing of the proposed buildings has been developed to maximize the light and views for the residents while reusing as much of the existing building fabric as is feasible. Most of the area removed from the existing building is added back in the form of a new penthouse level set back from the edge of the existing roof. This means the view of the building from the waterfront reads as three fingers reaching out toward the river. These six-story bars of residences sit on a 2-level podium containing restaurants, retail, a health club, the building lobbies, and service areas.

The condominiums are housed in an 80’ wide bar on the west side of the site with water views for almost all the units. The apartment building has two 68’ wide bars, connected on the ends to form a courtyard. The southern connector is one floor lower to allow more light into the courtyard and provide more space with views out to the river. Balconies are proposed for 50% of the condominiums and 20% of the apartments, typically in the larger units.

The premium retail spaces within the podium of the building will face the water and have access to south-facing plazas, boardwalk, and outdoor seating areas. We propose up to three destination restaurants for this side of the building. This unique retail setting will be further activated by the use of the Intermodal ferry terminal, streetcar, water taxi, and pleasure boats. The redevelopment of the marina next to River Point could also include floating restaurants, historic vessels, dining pavilions, and even a live music venue.

This project was developed in association with Gensler.