Mayor Muriel Bowser Attended Groundbreaking of Whitman Walker Clinic Designed by Winstanley Architects

The Whitman-Walker will establish a new health center at St. Elizabeth’s East as part of the District’s bid to revitalize the Ward 8 campus and, its leaders hope, attract more of a health hub in a part of the city that sorely needs one.

Located on Parcel 17, this building serves as a gateway building to the Congressional Heights neighborhood, and within the historically significant St Elizabeth’s East Campus.  The building I is one of two buildings planned for the site, with a 29,000 SF plaza area in the center of the site which spans between Sycamore Drive and Alabama Avenue.  The plaza includes 13,000 SF of green park area and a vehicular and pedestrian loop hardscaped area that provides vehicular access to the two loading docks and parking entry for each building. The building’s skin is a contemporary glass box that is inserted into an aluminum panel framing system, of bronze-toned panels that are reflective of the existing surrounding brick historic structures with terra cotta roofs, found throughout the historic campus buildings. The curved curtain wall facade along Sycamore Drive marks the front entrance to the building.

The six-story building will house a pharmacy on the ground floor, where both the center and system will also share space for programming and bring on a community partner. Whitman-Walker Health will occupy three floors for primary care, behavioral health services, dental and substance misuse treatment services. And Whitman-Walker Health System will take up two floors for its institute, which includes the group’s work in education, policy, and research.